We’ve just received these cool bottles...the shape of the ABLOC is quite unique, tapering sharply towards the base of the bottle.

If you love Apple products, if you're a fan of design, if you're a fan of anything that's simple, beautiful and streamlined, this has to be your next water bottle. It's a very soft bottle... it's really nice, when you drink from it, it's really squeezable and it flows into you very powerfully. I really like it.

Pound-per-style-points, bidons are one of the cheapest upgrades you can make to your aesthetic...the design is unique, almost spaceship-like with a thinner neck and a narrow mid-bottle collar.

An innovative bidon. ABLOC bidons were a Good Design and International Design Award winner and are made to perform whilst on the bike.

Just because something isn’t technically broken, doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to make it better. That’s what ABLOC is doing with their new bottles.

The ABLOC bottles (the name comes from the French expression “à bloc”) are tapered at both ends to make them way easier to slide into and out of bike cages – and they work, especially well on smaller frame sizes. The stopper has a better than average flow through...bravo ABLOC.


4.5/5 stars: It is frankly not easy to innovate in the unglamorous universe of bicycle bottles. Beyond being compact and easy to insert, it's also a great bottle! The in-hand feel is very good, the plastic does not give any taste to the water, it's soft and easily squeezable, while the generous nozzle is pleasant in the mouth while ensuring an optimal flow. 

A water bottle that definitely breaks out of the box and presents a new and intelligent design that restores modernity to this essential accessory. Visually the Arrive water bottle, available in two different sizes, is decidedly less clumsy and banal than the classic bottle we are used to. Hidden in its minimalist design is a beautiful shape that ensures ergonomics and practicality. Are you looking for a nice piece to revive the appearance of your bike? Try ABLOC bottles; they are beautiful and functional.

The body gets a clean face without logos so they will look new longer. The AntiMicrobial technology is actually a material characteristic, not a coating that will wear or wash off, and is in both the main body and the cap to resist growths and smells.

The Arrive S slips perfectly into all the cage doors we tested. No loss after a succession of chaos. The Arrive S has a fine jet stream, with liquid flow that is modulated easily, thanks to the flexibility of the plastic.